Hey there!

My name is Shelby Reyes and I am a first time Mom who is navigating the waters of staying home with a little one! I have a passion for creating a healthy household and hope to share what I learn with you!

Prior to motherhood, I graduated with my Masters of Public Health from the University of Southern California in 2015. I worked with communities to better understand the social and environmental barriers that make it difficult to pursue healthy behaviors. I have experience working with healthy eating and active living programs that focus on mothers and children.

While pregnant with my daughter, I began researching everything I could about healthy eating for myself to provide her with optimal nutrients. Once Avery was born, that research expanded to healthy food options for babies, non-toxic baby items and household supplies, and anything else that would help me create a healthier home. I quickly realized that the research I was doing was time consuming! I was extremely grateful that I was able to stay home with Avery and could put time into figuring out how to better our lives.

I understand that time, money, location, and exhaustion are all hurdles that make it difficult to purse a healthy household. I hope to find ways that allow busy Moms to make simple changes and pursue the lifestyle they want for their family.

Follow along as I share practical tips, recipes, meal plans, printables, resources, and more that make having a healthy household more simple!