Kinetic Sand & Baking Tools

“Baking” with Kinetic Sand

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This is a great sensory activity for little ones! Just make sure you supervise so they don’t give it a taste. Kinetic sand isn’t as sticky as Play-doh and feels like slightly damp sand. I picked up this 3 pack of colors with blue, purple, and pink, but they also have a traditional sand color as well.

My daughter hates sand at the beach so I was surprised that she didn’t mind the texture of kinetic sand! We had a blast rolling out the “dough” and making little cookies to pretend bake.

Sensory activities encourage the development of motor skills, stimulate senses and encourage kids to explore their world. Hands on activities with different textures can also help kids with sensory food aversions as well!

Materials Used

  • Kinetic Sand (you can find some that looks like sand or they have different colored ones like the ones we used!)

Learning Opportunities

  • Rolling: Practice rolling out the sand with a rolling pin and flattening with your hands
  • Scooping & Transferring: Use measuring cups or spoons for scooping. Practice scooping into a bowl or muffin tin!
  • Chopping: Form a heap or log and practice chopping with your hand or a play wooden knife
  • Shapes: Use cookie cutters to form different shapes. Place on baking sheet and make pretend cookies!

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