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How to make Delicious Whole30 Coffee

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As the start of the year and my first Whole30 were approaching, the thing I was worried most about was my coffee! In the past I have tried to switch to coffee creamers that were healthier for me, but never had any luck. As a Mom I need to get coffee into me as fast as possible in the morning so it needs to taste good, which usually means overly sweet and creamy.

Whole30 makes you hyper-aware of what you put into your body. I can now scan an ingredient list pretty quickly. However, prior to Whole30, I knew that certain ingredients weren’t good for me, but yet coffee creamer was my Achilles heel! The first 3 ingredients on my old creamer are literally “Water, Sugar, and Vegetable Oil”! Never in a million years would I mix those 3 and toss them in my coffee, but I was willing to let a brand bottle it up with flavoring and do my dirty work.

Day 1 approached of Whole30 and I opted for iced coffee, which I can generally drink a little less sweetened. I topped mine with some full fat coconut milk and it wasn’t half bad! It wasn’t anything to write home about, but it was drinkable. I am now on Day 7 and starting to enjoy the coffee more and more. I plan to experiment with some different coffee beans and a few add-ins such as ghee and cinnamon. After 30 days of drinking my coffee without liquid sugar and oil, I think I will be ready to kick my nasty sweetened creamer habit to the curb!

Download My Whole30 Compliant Coffee Printable

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