Pour & Play Station

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This Pour & Play Station is a simple activity using items you already have around your home and some water! You can adapt this activity for your child depending on their age.

For 12 months and up, they can sit in the tub or sink and play with some of these items. If your child is standing well, you might want to look into a learning tower so they can stand up at the sink!

Other options include put a large shallow storage tub on the floor (outside would be ideal for this!) or if you have a water table to use.

Develop Fine Motor Skills

Dumping and pouring is something toddlers love to do! (I’m looking at your bowl of snacks that got thrown on the floor). This is a natural skill for children to develop. Facilitate their learning with this fun, low-cost activity!

Materials Needed

Here are the items that we like to use for our Pour & Play Station, but you can get creative and use other items you find around your house!

Learning Opportunities

My 21 month-old loves to play independtly with all of these items and I usually sit across the counter and can get some work done at the same time! You can also show them a few skills they can practice:

  • Pouring: We are teaching Avery to feed our dog without making a huge mess, so this is great practice for her! I also show her how she can water our basil plant that sits on the countertop
  • Scooping: Use the ladle and try to scoop up small lids or objects from the sink
  • Straining: Use the colander to strain objects
  • Handwashing: Practice handwashing skills at the sink
  • Washing fruits and veggies: This is another great activity to work on. Show your child how to wash an apple with a small brush

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