Here are discount codes for companies that I used and love! If for some reason a link or code doesn’t work, send me an email at (sometimes they update the link or code, so I will send you the new one!)

Grocery Delivery

Instacart Grocery Delivery Service

Click the link or use code SREYES3FB162 for $10 off your first order!
Earn cashback on groceries that you purchase!

Click the link or use code slcfwil for a $20 welcome bonus for new accounts!
Get high-quality meat delivered to your door!

Click here to receive 2 Free Filet Mignons and a special offer when you first sign up! (The offer changes periodically, so I will try to keep it updated!)

Brands I Love (Clean Beauty, Eco-Conscious Clothing & More!)

My absolute favorite shoes – Rothy’s! They are the comfiest shoes you will ever own, machine washable, and made out of recycled water bottles!

Click this link for $20 off your first pair!

Ritual Vitamins are my go-to prental vitamins! They also offer a regular multivitamin for women. No fillers or ridiculous ingredients.

Click this link for $5 off your first bottle!
Primally Pure Organic Skincare and Beauty

Click this link for 10% off your first purchase!