Toddler Chore Chart & Cards

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Now that my daughter is two we are starting to work on establishing a simple chore routine. Most of these are things that she does on occasion, but I want us all to start getting used to them being done on a regular basis and at a consistent time each day. I developed an easy chart to help remind us all to keep on track with her chores!

I decided on a few simple tasks that she can help with and we are incorporating a Chore Chart where she can earn a sticker for each day of the week that she completes the chore. Eventually we will work in some small rewards, but for now I think the excitement of stickers will be enough!

I am also utilizing Chore Cards that can be shown with a simple picture to help indicate that it is time to complete that chore. I hope you find my Toddler Chore Chart & Cards helpful! Please comment below if you use them or tag me on Instagram at @simplehappymama !

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