Toddler Travel Activities

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Flying with a toddler is a daunting task. After booking our flights to Maui, I began researching airplane activities. At 18 months, Avery was still too young to be entertained by coloring and has a pretty short attention span! Here are the items I decided to pack for her to take on our 6 hour plane ride. I would love to hear some of your favorite airplane activities for toddlers as well!

Toddler Travel Activities

Water Wow Coloring Books – Coloring with *almost* no mess!

Magnetic Tiles – I purchased these last minute and they ended up being one of her favorite items to play with!

Stickers, notepad, coloring book and crayons – Avery loves place stickers (usually on anything) so I try to redirect her to place them in a blank notepad.

Flashcards – I usually have a pack of cheap flashcards in my diaper bag to bring out at a moments notice. They can usually bring a few moments of entertainment. Target’s Dollar Spot or the Dollar Tree are great places to pick up a few packs.

Favorite Book(s) – For this trip we packed Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr/Eric Carle. This is a great book because you can make games out of it. For example: “What do each of the animals say?”, “Can you point out this animal?”, or “What color is this animal?”. Avery does not say colors, animals, or most animal sounds, but it’s still great practice to go through this routine with her!

LeapFrog LeapStart 3D – This was a last minute purchase as well. The LeapPad is a little bulkier than I expected and Avery wasn’t too impressed with it yet. I would have left this one behind if we were flying again at this age.

iPad with protective case – I wanted to avoid plopping her in front of a screen for the whole flight, but for full transparency here, this was our saving grace! I preloaded it with some of her favorite movies (Monster’s, Inc and Moana currently) and she was good to go. I also purchased her headphones meant for younger children, however she wasn’t a fan of wearing them. They are volume limiting and will fit her for awhile, so we will save them for future trips! Here is the case we purchased and it worked perfectly! Avery tossed the ipad a few times on concrete and it just bounced a few times then landed safely.

I packed all of her items (except the LeapPad) into her own Skip Hop Backpack so she could have easy access to them.

Hopefully these ideas work for you if you have an upcoming trip with an 18 month old! I think in a few months, she might be more open to playing with other items for longer amounts of time. Feel free to share below in the comments some of your go-to toddler travel activities!

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